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Look Who’s Having Anal Now?

Look Who’s Having Anal Now?

Anal sex is a forbidden act to some – while others enjoy it with reckless abandon. Who is most likely to enjoy this taboo act? Luckily someone has thought to answer this question for us. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed some startling results. Only 36.3% of women said they had even tried anal sex, and only about 13% said they had gotten ass fucked in the past 12 months. The ladies who do like anal are mostly in their 20’s, and had no religious affiliation – which shouldn’t be surprising!

The anal loving babes were also more likely to report themselves as single, and also to be bisexual. So it sounds like what they are really saying is that women who love anal are kinky freaks and they are pretty much ready to mingle with guys who want to fuck them in the ass! The study can’t be considered totally comprehensive because it only studied women who consider themselves to be mainly heterosexual, but it does give us a window into the type of slut who loves to get her ass reamed.

So, if you are looking for girls are a backdoor willing, be sure to scout out the agnostic hotties in their 20s, who happen to be single – because your chances of getting her dick balls-deep in some ass are a whole lot better than with most cheating housewives or MILFs in their late forties.

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You know I’m all about reverse engineering because I truly believe that you can choose to do things the easy way or you can choose to do things the hard way. The sad reality is when it comes to trying to hook up with pussy, most guys insist on doing things the hard way. Pay attention to that word: they insist on doing things the hard way. The worst way to do things is of course through trial and error.


You just basically slip and fall and try again and then you keep repeating the same things over and over while at the same time expecting a different result. Albert Einstein had a word for that. He called in insanity. And sadly this is how many guys try to do things when it comes to finding pussy. They try to get out there. They try to do all sorts of tricks and it fails and they try again. And it fails again. It’s a mess.


The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. The good news is that there is an easier way to do that that leads to slam dunk results. I am of course talking about modeling. When you model your behavior based on what somebody else’s doing because they have the system down and they achieve success time and time again, you are doing things the easy way. I wish this was clear as day and night to most guys, but most guys have their head stuck up their ass when it comes to finding pussy and to find a fuck buddy. They really do.


If you want to save a lot of time and you don’t want to have your heart broken or ego bruised choose to do things the easy way. So if you’re trying to develop a fuckbuddy or a fuckfriend, listen up. Pay attention to what pimps do. Pimps are guys who make their living talking women into selling their pussies and giving these guys the money. These guys are despicable. These guys are morally suspect. I get all that. Okay? I’m with you there. But there is method to the madness. So just because you are learning their techniques it doesn’t mean that you are going to abuse women. Okay?


I’m not condoning abuse. What I am condoning is learning the tricks of the trade so you can produce a win-win situation. Do you see where I’m coming from here? So choose to reverse engineer how pimps develop fuckbuddy relationships. You’d be surprise as to how easy it is. So let the old mechanism of monkey see, monkey do work to your advantage.

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