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Month: April, 2011

Cum Check Out My Thong

Cum Check Out My Thong

If you are an ass man, then chances are that you like all things ass. That includes the way an ass jiggles, wiggles and even the clothing that houses that lovely bubble. Some ass men like boy shorts and some of them prefer no panties whatsoever, but almost all ass men love thongs. Who could say no to that perfect piece of ass floss that disappears between a plump set of ass cheeks? Certainly not us. And the way that Luscious Louis is sporting the blue thong in this video is enough to make any man go crazy. Look at what one skimpy string and a mountainous ass do to this guy. A once normal citizen, this guy is now a raging thongaholic, snapping thongs and chasing ass all over town. Luckily for him, Luscious gives him a break and takes him home… to play with her thong, of course.

Cum Check Out My Thong

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Not Your Typical Play Night

Not Your Typical Play Night

It’s game night at the Rios household and unsuspecting Mrs. Rios has invited over Yazmina, her homegirl from work. Now, she has broken a cardinal rule of keeping a man. That rule is: Never invite over a chick that is so fine that she can cause trouble and steal your man. Too bad that Mrs. Rios gets called to pick up the kids and can’t enjoy the fun and games, but she tells the gang to play on without her. So when she leaves, Yazmina and Carlos start to play Twister but end up playing a game of hide the salami, instead. But what else did you expect? Look at Yazmina‘s ass just hangin’ out of those shorts. If that doesn’t spell hurtin’ for a squirtin’ then we don’t know what does.

Not Your Typical Play Night

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“Gimme that sugar, daddy!”

Welcome back, Ms. Juicy! It’s like every time we see you, you’re fucking…

“That’s because I am always wet and ready to get busy, boo! That’s why they call me Ms. Juicy. I just have to think about sex and my pussy starts to get moist.”

In the March ’10 issue you were in an orgy with the Thong Team cast…

“Yes and that was a great scene to film because there were so many hands, tongues and dicks everywhere! It was my first time doing an orgy and it was
wild. But if you ask me, I cum just as well, if not better, when I am oneon- one with a guy. It is really about how you connect. When I was shooting this scene,
Dred was talking dirty to me the whole time and it made me cum!”

You obviously have a big ass, so do guys always want to cum on it when you fuck them?

“It depends on the guy. Some guys like to see their cum on my ass and I don’t mind if that is where they want to bust. One guy I used to date liked to blow his
load in my mouth. Another guy liked to cum in my pussy and then keep going. I am down with whatever a guy wants to do because that is his nut and I
want to make it as good as possible for him. I just don’t like it when a guy wants to cum on my face just because they usually miss and then get it in your eye and that hurts. As long as you avoid jizzing in my eyes, we are cool.”

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Junk Jiggle

Junk Jiggle

Welcome to BootyLicious, Gizelle. Why are you a stallion?

“Because I like to bend over and tell a man to giddy-up and ride this fat ass of mine. [Laughs.] And because I ride cock in reverse cowgirl so a guy can spank my ass.”

Besides a good spanking, what else turns you on?

“I love it when a man has nice hands. I don’t mean that he has girly, pristine hands, because I don’t like dainty men. I just like it when a guy has nice nails. If a guy wants to be with me, then he has to be well groomed and maintain himself. I also like it when a guy takes me to see my home team, the Miami Heat! I love sports so if you want to turn me on, let’s go watch a game!”

Do you only date ballers?

“I don’t need a man to be rich, but he has to have his shit together. I am turned off by guys who ask ME for money. I am turned off by that!”

What was the best sexual encounter you ever had, Gizelle?

“One time I met this guy at the gym and we hit it off. We left the gym and went to lunch and that progressed to a quick stop at home to shower, change and pack. Why? Because he invited me to go on his boat to the Bahamas! We spent three days in the tropics just fucking and soaking up the sun. It was the greatest sexcation of all time and it started with a simple smile and a hello.”

Junk Jiggle

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Ass Stretching Live

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Gemini Likes To Be Watched

Gemini Likes To Be Watched

BootyLicious: First I want to ask you something else. Do you ever get nervous before you do a sex scene?

Gemini Lovell: Yes, I always do.

BootyLicious: How do you overcome that when you are on set?

Gemini Lovell: Um, I try to not think about all the things that make me nervous. It’s usually about how I look or whether I know the male stud I am going to do a scene with. It’s just all the things that every woman thinks about before sex. You know…am I looking right? Will he be into me? All that. I just push it out of my mind and I get into it.

BootyLicious: Do you get nervous about people being on the set.

Gemini Lovell: [Laughs.] Oh, no. Never that. Like I said, I like being naked. And to be honest, I like people watching me. I like to have sex and look at the camera man or the grips on set and see them getting turned on by watching me fuck. Sometimes you are in a sex position where you can’t see the person you are having sex with. Like if you are in doggie-style. So, I like to look at the people watching me and if they are turned on, it helps me cum.

Gemini Likes To Be Watched

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Work Those Pussy Muscles

Work Those Pussy Muscles

Sex is a great way to work off calories and get your heart rate up. Joei knows that, that’s why she hired a personal trainer that she knew she would be attracted to. She knows that by letting him work her ass out, he is going to give her a good workout, too. And their minds must be on the same track because it’s only a few minutes before he has his hands all over her pussy, rubbing her twat through her pants and she is grinding on him and asking him to fuck her mouth. Some people join a gym to get in shape, but for Joei, being physically fit means getting thoroughly fucked.

Work Those Pussy Muscles

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