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Month: December, 2011

Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole’ Derriere!

Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole' Derriere!

“I’m pretty good, right? [Shakes ass and laughs.] Well, I am actually from Miami. I am a full-time dancer and I am also a big basketball fan and I watch the Miami Heat play all the time. I’d fuck Dwyane Wade in a heartbeat!”

So, you have a lot of ass and a lot of hair, Neecie. What’s up with that?

“Guys like girls with long hair and I like having extra-long hair. Since I am an exotic dancer, I use it to my advantage. I plant my fat ass on a guy when I give a lap dance and while I vibrate my booty on him, I tell him to pull my hair.”

Now, you know we have to ask you, Neecie. Is there ever sex in the champagne room?

“[Laughs.] Now you know I can’t speak for everyone at the club. Have I had sex in the VIP room? [Laughs and covers mouth.] Oh, okay fine. Yes, I did it. But it was with my man at the time. I have always dated guys who are turned on by the fact that I am a dancer. One time, my then man asked me if I would fuck him at the club. We started off in the VIP room. He fingered me and then he discreetly pulled his dick out and I sat on it and started fucking him right there. Then, we had to stop abruptly because some other dancers came in there with their guys.”

Oh, that’s not cool. We hope you gave that man a happy ending!
“[Laughs.] Of course I did. But I had to take him to the ladies’ room to make him cum. We ran up in there and he fucked me against the wall really hard. The whole time, the bathroom attendant was in there watching! It was hot!”

Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole' Derriere!

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Fuck My Big White Ass!

Fuck My Big White Ass!

They say that those who can, teach. And those who can’t…FUCK. And that’s why ex-teacher, Shanna, quit her job in a small town in Northern Florida and came to the big city to pursue modeling. She told us, “I get paid to fuck and I love every fucking stroke!”

Shanna had never fucked on camera before, but that didn’t stop her… from teaching this guy, and his big cock a lesson they would never forget. And that lesson is HIT IT HARD! This pale-tailed cutie is a freak who likes to be spanked and plowed extra-rough. And we like those kinds of girls ’round these parts. She was so excited about getting her fuck on, that she came within the first five minutes all over this stiffy.

And what was the hottest thing about this pale pounder’s first fuck? That she took every inch of this dick up her ass with that all-American, apple-pie smile on her face. “I think that sex should be fun and free. When I fuck, I enjoy every minute of it.”

Fuck My Big White Ass!

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Let Me Smother Your Face With This Ass!

Let Me Smother Your Face With This Ass!

Tia Sweets has a hell of a sugar seat. She has one of those tight bubbles that jiggles when it pops and she likes to make it bounce so you can watch it move. But once she gives you a glimpse of her booty clappin’ action, you’re gonna have to worship that ass. That means you need to spread Tia‘s buns apart and bury your face in there nice and deep. That’s exactly what she told this lucky dude once he started grippin’ on her caboose. “Let me smother your face with this ass,” Tia says, and who the fuck could refuse that request? It isn’t long before Tia is riding reverse covergirl and making that booty bounce on this dude’s package. She gives this guy’s dick the royal treatment, taking it in every position and finally getting a cum spraying in doggie-style. Tia‘s a trooper and works this dick for 20 minutes. We bet her sweet ass will make you cum about halfway through that time.

Let Me Smother Your Face With This Ass!

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Blondie With Dat Bubble

Blondie With Dat Bubble

Welcome to the big, wide world of ass, Kakey!

“Thank you! I am very excited to be in tropical Miami at BootyLicious headquarters. I am originally from New York and it’s really cold there right now!”

Well, welcome to the 305! Give us your 411.

“Okay, I am a 5’1″ shorty from New York City with a 25-inch waist, a 42- inch ass and an even bigger appetite for sex. I love sex. I like to have sex with men and I have definitely had sex with women. I love women. I’m aggresive with them. I think that everything starts with a kiss and then goes from there. I like using my mouth a lot and love to get and give oral to the person I am with. I have a really long tongue and I know how to use it.”

You seem very sexually confident…

“Of course! I am the shit in the bedroom. I’m not one of those lay-down-and-take-it girls. I am a get-on-top-and-give-it kind of woman. And you know what? All women should be that way. It’s 2011. It’s time for women to realize that they need to get on their fucking game and get it done when it comes to sex. I love everything there is to love about sex. But if I had to say what I enjoy the most, it’s bouncing this big, fat, juicy ass up and down on a big dick. It’s what gets me off the best. And I love to get off. I cum at least twice a day.”

What are some of your sex secrets?

“You need to stay wet, no matter what. If you have to use spit, use it. If you like lube, lube it up. The wetter the sex, the more pleasurable it is for both parties. And you know what? I take pride in my pretty, wet pussy. When I work it and make a guy cum hard, I feel good.”

Blondie With Dat Bubble


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