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Candy Cushion

Candy Cushion

Welcome back! When we last saw you in the April 2011 issue, you were solo and now…

“Now I am on Juan’s dick! [Laughs.] This is actually from my scene in the movie Bangin’ Ass Bitches. I had a great time on set and Juan ate my pussy so good that I was moaning really loud and cumming!”

Were you nervous to fuck on film?

“At first, yes, I was. But I like to focus on the people who are watching. It is almost like I am trying to turn them on. Once I connect to my audience, I relax.”

Take us through the scene as it happened, Gemini. We want to hear you talk about doing XXX on film.

“At first, I just danced and shook my ass. I am a dancer, so that was easy. I made my ass clap and I made it shake. When I make it clap, it’s really loud, so I knew all the eyes in the room were on me. Then Juan started touching my ass and playing with my pussy. When he touched my clit, I got instantly wet.”

You told us that the best way to make you cum is to have your clit and pussy sucked on…

“And I came twice on the set of the movie. The first time was when I got head. It was so good. He was sucking on my clit and playing with it between his lips. Then I fucked him nice and hard. But the second time I came was after we filmed and I was in the shower. I was playing with my pussy and then the shower door opened and there was Juan and he told me that he wanted to do our scene over. [Laughs.] He came into the shower and he made me cum with his mouth first and then he fucked me up against the shower wall. I was moaning so loud that a production assistant knocked on the door to see if I was okay. [Laughs.] I’m such a total freak!”

Candy Cushion

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