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Divine Derriere

Divine Derriere

Welcome to BootyLicious, Janea! We have to tell you that you have a sweet set of cheeks.

“Thanks, baby! I love my ass. Back home in Oakland, guys call me Ms. Fat Booty, like that Mos Def song. I think it’s cute. When I am in public, I wear skin-tight pants and skirts that show off my shape. My favorite thing in the world is when I walk by and I hear a guy suck in his breath and say, “DAMN!” really loud. I like to look over my shoulder and smile and wink at him. I am a super flirt and I think it’s fun to get men riled up.”

What do you like to do for fun when you are not modeling, Janea?

“Aside from modeling, I am a part-time student. I am studying to become a nurse, so I usually hit the books in my down time. If I get free time from my studies, I like to go shopping and out to dinner with my girls. I also like to go out dancing. I love getting dressed up and going to the club. Especially when I meet a man who can dance.”

Is it true what they say that if a guy can dance well, he can fuck well, too?

“[Laughs.] I am not sure if that is a scientific fact, but I like to believe that it is true. At least when it comes to the guys I have met who are good dancers. I think it’s because in order to move together on the dance floor, you have to be able to connect and get into the same rhythm. If you can’t get it together on the dance floor, it looks awkward. I think that carries over into the bedroom. If you have a good connection and rhythm, the sex is great!”

Divine Derriere

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