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“Gimme that sugar, daddy!”

Welcome back, Ms. Juicy! It’s like every time we see you, you’re fucking…

“That’s because I am always wet and ready to get busy, boo! That’s why they call me Ms. Juicy. I just have to think about sex and my pussy starts to get moist.”

In the March ’10 issue you were in an orgy with the Thong Team cast…

“Yes and that was a great scene to film because there were so many hands, tongues and dicks everywhere! It was my first time doing an orgy and it was
wild. But if you ask me, I cum just as well, if not better, when I am oneon- one with a guy. It is really about how you connect. When I was shooting this scene,
Dred was talking dirty to me the whole time and it made me cum!”

You obviously have a big ass, so do guys always want to cum on it when you fuck them?

“It depends on the guy. Some guys like to see their cum on my ass and I don’t mind if that is where they want to bust. One guy I used to date liked to blow his
load in my mouth. Another guy liked to cum in my pussy and then keep going. I am down with whatever a guy wants to do because that is his nut and I
want to make it as good as possible for him. I just don’t like it when a guy wants to cum on my face just because they usually miss and then get it in your eye and that hurts. As long as you avoid jizzing in my eyes, we are cool.”

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