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Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole’ Derriere!

Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole' Derriere!

“I’m pretty good, right? [Shakes ass and laughs.] Well, I am actually from Miami. I am a full-time dancer and I am also a big basketball fan and I watch the Miami Heat play all the time. I’d fuck Dwyane Wade in a heartbeat!”

So, you have a lot of ass and a lot of hair, Neecie. What’s up with that?

“Guys like girls with long hair and I like having extra-long hair. Since I am an exotic dancer, I use it to my advantage. I plant my fat ass on a guy when I give a lap dance and while I vibrate my booty on him, I tell him to pull my hair.”

Now, you know we have to ask you, Neecie. Is there ever sex in the champagne room?

“[Laughs.] Now you know I can’t speak for everyone at the club. Have I had sex in the VIP room? [Laughs and covers mouth.] Oh, okay fine. Yes, I did it. But it was with my man at the time. I have always dated guys who are turned on by the fact that I am a dancer. One time, my then man asked me if I would fuck him at the club. We started off in the VIP room. He fingered me and then he discreetly pulled his dick out and I sat on it and started fucking him right there. Then, we had to stop abruptly because some other dancers came in there with their guys.”

Oh, that’s not cool. We hope you gave that man a happy ending!
“[Laughs.] Of course I did. But I had to take him to the ladies’ room to make him cum. We ran up in there and he fucked me against the wall really hard. The whole time, the bathroom attendant was in there watching! It was hot!”

Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole' Derriere!

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