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It’s All Anal All The Time

Is it though, is it all anal all the time? I was scrolling through some images of the site after I read the review since the special offer sounds pretty good: You can 34% off discount to All Anal All The Time. And the review sounds promising, but of course it’s always a good idea to do a little research of your own and when it comes to porn research it’s not exactly a terrible chore is it.

This pic caught my eye and I knee jerked with a grin across my face and uttered “you lying bastards, I knew it would be all anal all the time” but then I looked closer and it actually is anal and then I looked again and it wasn’t and every time I looked I changed my opinion.

Look it doesn’t really matter to me if it really is or isn’t, it never did, it was just amusing me and I thought I’d show everyone else too in case you found it to be such. A bit of porn fun, who knew right? 😛