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Video Vixen

Video Vixen

Diamond knows her big booty is a gem and she wants to be the next video vixen… but she also knows that it’s tough to catch a break in the music business and that if she wants a part in a music video, she is going to have to break the producer off a piece of that fat ass. And what a mighty bubble ass it is. So, she puts on her sluttiest outfit and struts her fine ass into his office. The minute he sees her and his eyes wander down to her booty, Diamond knows it’s on. She tells him that the part is hers… ’cause she’s going to spread her booty cheeks apart right there on the casting couch!

Diamond‘s not the shy type either. She takes charge of the situation and this cock! First, she shows him how she can make her ass clap, shake and bounce in her itty-bitty stripper outfit. When this music mogul tells her it’s time to put up or shut up she knows it’s time to take a dickin’.

Diamond spreads her pussy and gets speared. But he wants a lot more… he wants to see her dance moves while her bubble butt is impaled on his dick! You better believe that she gives that tight booty up right away. And of course she gets the part, too!

Video Vixen

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